Profile: Tonny Ogwal

My name is Ogwal Tonny and I was born in 1967, on 23rd March, in a village called Amialaki, in the district of Dokolo in Northern Uganda. I am a farmer but my main work currently is preaching the gospel

Background: I was a pagan who never prayed and did not like anything like salvation. Once I even to a page from the Bible to make a cigarette. I was just like Paul in the Bible, who persecuted God's followers before he eventually turned to God. No-one ever dared preach to me, even when it was my time to get saved. I only got saved through God's mercy because I feared how things were created.  When I saw things like the sky, the earth and many other things, that would make me worry a lot but could not think of God. But eventually I got saved.

Editor's note:
Tony (Tonny) is a subsistence farmer who lives in the troubled region of northern Uganda and has managed to survive despite frequently attacks by the LRA rebels in the area.

I have known Tony for more than 10 years and can testify that he is a genuine believer with a sincere faith and a genuine desire to serve the Lord. For anyone serious about world evengelisation, mobilising people like Tony is of such strategic importance and should be our highest priority. People like Tony are much better equipped to preach to people in remote areas than any western missionary.

Tony has a large family and also carries the burden of caring for the children of his deceased brother. Recently his crop was stolen by a trusted man who offered to transport it to the market, but the man disappeared with all his money and was never seen again. Such are the hardships of believers in areas like northern Uganda where much lawlessness abounds.

If you would like to help Tony in a business venture, please contact me for more information. Call 0418 319 368 or use the contact menu above to send me an email.

- Allan Weatherall, Publisher, Worldview Interactive magazine.


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