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Beyond Western European Christianity:
Realising the New Covenant

Introducing a new series that challenges the western Church to review it's customs and traditions in the light of scripture based upon a proper understanding of the New Covenant. This series delves into Scripture and church history to reveal how the Church has strayed from first principles. Download the Introductory Diagram first for a visual overview and then read the articles.

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 Part 4 - Priesthood [Coming Soon]
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What on Earth is Eritrea?!
I pushed the notion to the back of my mind - along with the idea that I might be going crazy. But there it was again - “Eritrea” - persistently resounding in my head. Finally I said, “OK Lord, if you are speaking to me, what is Eritrea?” Immediately the reply shot into my head - “Ethiopia” Now I was really going crazy! Even though I had never travelled or taken an interest in Africa, I had heard of Ethiopia. So I went to my bookshelf and pulled out the atlas and turn the page to east Africa...
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How to Truly Forgive
Without forgiveness there would be no good news, no eternal hope, no amazing grace and no Christian faith! But while forgiveness is always good news when we are on the receiving end, what about when we are the ones who have been hurt and injured? Learning to forgive others can be a major challenge. Here is some helpful advice...
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Spiritual Abuse
Gary Parsons shines a spotlight on the prevalent problem of Spiritual Abuse in the Church today, shares his own journey, examines cases of spiritual abuse in the Bible and then helpfully points the way to healing and restoration.
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The Case for House Churches
Robert Fitts makes a convincing case for House Churches based on Scriptural principles, lessons from church history, and a practical approach to evangelism, church planting and making disciples.
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At Home in Church
The Weatherall sisters offer their unique perspectives as young people worshipping in a Home Church context.
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Prosperity - A Doctrine to Tickle Itching Ears?
The prosperity message is really nothing new, but it does seem to have become more evident in Australian churches in recent years. Many believers feel a little uncomfortable about this trend but often can’t quite articulate why. And with such views being strongly expressed by high profile charismatic Christian leaders many are reluctant, or maybe even afraid, to question or criticise.
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Finding God in the Storm
Perhaps you are also struggling with some sense of disappointment with God. There seems to be a lot of that going around right now - you are not alone! My experience of God in the storm left me exhilarated, humbled, rebuked, as well as comforted by those corrective words the Holy Spirit spoke to me. The precious Spirit of God also left me with a renewed sense of promise... that God WILL do that which He has purposed in the earth, that He WILL establish His plans and WILL deal with His enemies and that He WILL accomplish His plans for our lives.
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Out of Church Believers...
Brad Huston writes: Many Christians are leaving the church out of frustration. Congregations are not just losing the expected ‘rebellious Christians’ who disagree with the core doctrines surrounding Christianity, or a brother or sister that has fallen away. On the contrary, these congregations are losing leaders, devout in a faith in Jesus Christ, yet frustrated with the growing apathy that is creeping into so many churches.
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Do Not Muzzle the Ox
The harvest is still plentiful and labourers are still few. But many Christian workers are like 'Muzzled Oxen' struggling under a heavy burden. Christians today must, more than ever, realise their God-given responsibility to support Christian workers. There is little value in praying for the Lord to "send forth labourers into the harvest" if those same labourers struggle and stumble for lack of practical support. This article challenges us to rethink our approach to giving.
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Towards Authenticity
Paul Kent writes: I realized that the Western Church has been syncretised by materialism and covetousness. Syncretism occurs more subtly than we realize. We have become absorbed in and seduced by western cultural mindsets.
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The Strengths & Weaknesses of the Pentecostal Movement
This article is adapted from a lecture given by Dr Barry Chant at the Annual Conference of the Association of Pentecostal and Charismatic Bible Colleges of Australasia in May 1999. Worldview has chosen to publish this because we believe it contains some insights of prophetic significance for the Church today - both in Australia and the rest of the world. We strongly encourage church leaders and thinking Christians everywhere to consider Dr Chant’s observations.
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Korea: Land of the Morning Calm
It is said that calm precedes a storm. Ongoing tension between North and South Korea keeps political analysts on their toes and defence forces on stand-by. Andrew Ford provides an insightful analysis of Korean people, their history, culture and religion.
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Gay Doesn't Mean Happy [Testimony]
With one Australian denomination recently declaring their intentions to allow the 'ordination' of homosexuals, this is a hot topical issue. One brother who has struggled with homosexuality shares about his journey and path to freedom.
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White Man's Dreaming
Land rights and some reflections on racial reconciliation in Australia.
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Signs from God
Highly respected Australian journalist Mike Willesee co-hosted the documentary, Signs from God, which recently went to air throughout the US and Australia. Signs from God impressively documented some paranormal phenomena (with a distinctly Catholic flavour) which would worry many Protestant evangelical believers.
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