IRAQ: Dire Need for Safe Haven from Genocide

An Iraq observer recently said: 'Unless something is done and quickly, the lasting legacy of this war will be the genocide of the Christians and other minorities of Iraq.' That is no exaggeration. The Christian districts of Iraq's major cities, Baghdad and Al-Basrah, have been ethnically and religiously cleansed by Sunni and Shiite hostility and by a targeted al-Qaeda campaign. Christians still there are being extorted and terrorised by both local and foreign mujahideen. Most of Iraq's remnant and displaced Christians are now in the relatively safer northern Iraq. However security is deteriorating fast there too. On 3 May Fr Ragheed Ganni (35) and his three young sub-deacons left Mosul's Church of the Holy Spirit after celebrating mass with their congregation. Islamic militants ambushed their car and murdered them all. Please pray.

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