SRI LANKA: Christians Cry for Help

In a worsening climate of impunity as Sri Lanka falls into civil war, Buddhist militants have continued their campaign against Christianity, attacking churches and threatening Christian schools. Christians in Sri Lanka are calling for help from the international community following a rapid deterioration of law and order in the past week.

The plea follows an attack by the Sri Lankan armed forces on refugees sheltered at a school in Kathiraveli, a coastal town inthe eastern district of Batticaloa. Protestant and Roman Catholic schools in the Colombo area have received letters demanding that they cancel all Christmas programs, and a mob of around 50 people led by four Buddhist monks arrived at an Assembly of God church in Yakkala, Gampaha, and demanded that the pastor cease the service and all future ones.

Last month a church worker and his family at the Vineyard Community Church in the city of Gonawela, Sri Lanka were attacked by five men claiming to be police officers. The family was guarding the church building when five men approached at approximately midnight. The five men threatened the family, beat the man with clubs and aggressively shook a child. They also stole a woman's gold necklace, damaged the building's electricity supply and smashed pots and vases. The beaten man sustained serious injuries; he is passing blood with his urine and suffering from severe pain in his lower abdomen.

A week later, the Vineyard Community Church was again attacked, this time by a group of ten men. They unsuccessfully tried to set the building on fire. No one was injured in this attack. In another attack the same day, the pastor of Calvary Chapel of Lanka in Polhen was accosted by a group of local men. Two or three men beat him while the others looked on. He has been hospitalized for arm injuries.

Source: National Christian Evangelical Alliance

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