What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

What People are Saying...

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own day-to-day lives that we forget the challenges being faced by other believers around the world. Worldview Interactive caught up with some people on the streets of Kampala and asked them what was the biggest challenge facing Christians in their country today. How do their answers compare with yours? Some challenges are unique to a particular place... others are universal, leading us to conclude that despite our cultural differences, people are very much the same the world over.

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Click here to watch video ‘For me I don’t find any big challenge in Uganda. We have freedom of worship... we can do what we want...’
Click here to watch video ‘Competition in the church among the girls, always wanting to dress the best... showing off etc...’
Click here to watch video ‘Ugandan youth find it hard to stand out from the crowd and have different opinions about their sexuality and purity...’
Click here to watch video ‘The Christians in Africa, especially in Uganda, are challenged by poverty...’
Click here to watch video ‘People don’t know their career or what they are supposed to do...for example, many people go into ministry for money... so we need career guidance’
Click here to watch video ‘The biggest challenge is poverty. We see people, even in churches. In order to make more money pastors are forming their own churches...’
Click here to watch video ‘The biggest challenges facing our people here in Africa is HIV/AIDS and leadership... HIV is killing millions of our young people...’

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