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Dealing with Grief

One thing that has puzzled me in my 25 years of following Jesus, is that some sorrows can last for years with no sign of ever abating, and others, perhaps more devastating, are relatively easily resolved.
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Confrontational Love

Why they chose to sit near us was a mystery. We would have prefered that they didn't because they were foul-mouthed and offensive. The two girls were in their teens and had matted hair, blackened eyes and numerous body-pearcings. The 4 boys were similarly bedraggled...
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What on Earth is Eritrea?

Who would really believe my remarkable story if I told them? But this is the truth. This is what actually happened to me... Mysterious things happen all around the world - despite what the sceptics say. Anyone who has spent a long time in Africa will know this. Mystical experiences are part of life there. But in my own home in Melbourne all those years ago, a strange occurrence happened to me - and it sparked a chain of events that eventually led me on this very unusual safari to east Africa.
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Finding God in the Storm

In my heart I have felt betrayed by God... like he called us out on a limb to take steps of faith, only to abandon us and let us fall, to feel the pain of isolation and the loneliness of defeat. God has been silent, and as one who has known the sound of His voice in the past and as one who understands that true life only comes from every word which proceeds from His mouth, that silence has been a burden too heavy to bear. But after a long silence, last night God showed up...
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Reflections on Suffering and Knowing God

How can we really know God? How can we trust him when bad things seem to happen to good people? Why does God allow suffering, accidents, diseases and natural disasters?
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What Does the Bible Really Say about Prosperity?

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to trace the origins of the Prosperity Gospel to the United States, where advantageous tax laws for religious institutions and a prosperous economy has been favourable soil for the growth of rich religion.
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Starting a New Fellowship

Worldview offers some practical tips on starting a New Home Church.
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Counterpoint: An Experiential Faith

By Allan Weatherall. Counterpoint: Thesis - Antithesis - Synthesis Counterpoint places polarised views side-by-side and examines issues in search for the possibility of biblical harmony – those rare occasions when apparently opposing views are reconciled from Scripture without contradiction or compromise.
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The Power of Hope & Faith: Nakato's Story

When a Light to the Nations team from Australia visited a Ugandan village in September 2005, they did not realise that their presence would bring about such a change in the life of one young woman who had lost all hope.
Nakato sick in bed

When we found Nakato in the village near Jinja she was in advanced stages of sickness due to HIV/AIDS. Nakato was a Muslim and married to a Muslim man when she contracted the disease. Unable to care for herself, her husband or her children, Nakato returned home to her mother where she could be cared for, and to get help caring for her children. As the AIDS related symptoms increased, Nakato realised that death was approaching. In desperation she surrender her life to Christ, fully expecting to die.

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Repenting of Religion: Turning from Judgement to the Love of God

More and more frequently I am encountering believers who are no longer inclined to call themselves Christians when attempting to share their faith in Christ with others. It seems on the surface to be a strange development but one that, upon closer examination, actually seems to have great merit. The term 'Christian' has become a muddied and an emotionally charged word that has all kinds of unintended associations for non-believers that can actually make communicating the love of God with them even more difficult than it should be.
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